Health Technology

Health Technology

We use trends and strategies to develop effecient
digital healthcare products.

Solutions We Provide

  • Healthcare software development

    Mad Devs develop health tracking web and mobile apps that are designed to meet the needs of our customers. We use leading technologies to deliver high-quality and engaging experiences working under agile framework. Our products provide security, preservation, quality, and UX while keeping the system running.

  • Customer/patient management systems

    We help integrate systems to improve healthcare professionals' customer satisfaction and loyalty by developing systems for remote patient monitoring, e-card or e-hospital systems, and an administration system. Product engineering services cover various areas, including the development healthcare apps that are compliant with industry standards.

  • Integrations with Third-party systems

    Our team can integrate various applications, such as healthcare insurance databases, fitness apps, and ERPs through the micro-services technique. These solutions can be connected to the system through APIs. It increases speed, flexibility and functionality for the service to attract more clients and make the service more usable in a variety of scenarios.

Advantages of Mad Devs


Healthcare-specific Software Development

Our team thoroughly researches the requirements of the medical device industry. This ensures that the final product will meet the exact specifications of the original.


User-Driven Design

We use a combination of UX/UI and data analysis to create products that people love. We aim to accelerate the time-to-market and improve the user experience of our client's products.


Regulatory and Compliance

We develop product-focused strategic plans that are built on strong regulatory foundations and technology. We also focus on risk management and interoperability.


Cross-platform and Native Solutions

We develop and connect interoperability digital products that are designed to exchange data safely and seamlessly across various platforms and ecosystems.

Quality Project Management

Quality Project Management

We monitor the project's progress and meet the requirements and deadlines. Quality of work is the most important factor contributing to the project's success.

Test Driven

Test Driven Development

Through the practice of full test coverage, we can confidently and effectively meet the requirements of our clients. It allows us to inspire confidence that the project is completed.

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Tony Fedorenko

Tony Fedorenko

Head of Delivery