Non-Disclosure Agreement
at Mad Devs

All staff members, including contractors and consultants working for Mad Devs, are obliged to sign a non-disclosure agreement before getting access to our internal systems. This is one of our standard onboarding practices for the employee’s day one. At Mad Devs, we understand how important it is to protect our technology and process know-how.

Even if our customer doesn’t have an NDA in place, we will protect their business secrets and any of the competitive advantages we create for them by our non-disclosure agreement. If you want to get familiar with this document, please send us a request via

Customer NDA Templates

Some of our customers have standard NDA templates pre-approved by their legal departments. If we are offered to sign such an agreement, we always proceed with it as the customer knows their industry better. If a customer offers us some additional instructions or training on confidential information in their organization, we eagerly agree. Any requirements related to data protection, distribution, processing, or storage under NDA will be taken into consideration and applied in the process of work on the customer’s project.

Customer NDA Agreements Made Specifically for Mad Devs

Many customers prefer to create a tailored NDA for Mad Devs in collaboration with us. This practice is also very welcome. We are ready to explain how data will circulate within the new system, list the tools that we use, and describe the process our team follows. We are used to talking with the customer’s legal department and take efforts aimed at the protection of confidential information.

Our company has experience of working with NDA agreements of any kind and complexity. If you have more specific questions please contact us via