HR Consulting Services for Tech Company

HR Consulting Services for Tech Company

We assist HR departments in small and medium-sized companies in building internal processes and organizing work to attract, retain and develop the best technical and engineering talent.

Comprehensive support throughout your growth process

By leveraging our experience and knowledge, we provide comprehensive services for tech companies, from startups to established enterprises. We improve your HR processes, enhance employee engagement, organize procedures for collecting feedback from employees, as well as management inversions, such as AMA sessions, MEPs, eNPS, and surveys, attract top talent, and align HR strategies with overall business objectives.

You are struggling with attracting and hiring talent for critical roles, establishing structured onboarding processes, and designing effective performance management systems, and your team doesn't have a dedicated department.

Mad Devs offers:

  • Start-ups Assistance in finding suitable candidates
  • Start-ups Audits to ensure the efficiency of recruitment practices
  • Start-ups Tools to streamline onboarding and offboarding processes
  • Start-ups Support in building a positive internal and external HR brand of the company

Benefits you get

When you work with us, you can focus on what matters for your company to run smoothly. Access HR consultants in growing tech companies who offer best practices, compliance guidance, employee relations expertise, and more.

Better recruitment process

Better recruitment process

Our HR consultants streamline the recruitment process, ensuring cost-efficiency and effectiveness in hiring the most qualified individuals for key roles in your company.

HR technology optimization

HR technology optimization

By optimizing HR processes, you can improve data management, automate tasks, and free up resources for other initiatives.

Improved employee retention

Improved employee retention

We guide you through analyzing turnover, assessing the labor market, adjusting salaries, and boosting employee engagement for higher productivity.

Costly mistakes prevention

Costly mistakes prevention

With us, you will learn how to address delicate HR matters, such as terminations and restructuring, in order to prevent costly mistakes and safeguard the company's reputation.

Does your tech company need HR Consulting?

Get a consultation from Mad Devs and start improving your HR department.

Does your Tech Company need HR Consulting?

Proven and streamlined processes

With our consulting services, your tech company will recruit exceptional professionals for both technical and non-technical roles. You will get tailored recruitment practices, diverse talent tо acquisition, and strategic people management tools for optimized performance and long-term success. Our expertise will fuel your tech company with the right talent and effective HR practices or scale up your workforce

During this phase, our experts conduct comprehensive discussions with clients, delving into their unique needs, challenges, and goals. We engage stakeholders by meeting key personnel to grasp needs, reviewing docs, and conducting interviews. As a result, we are summarizing the findings and proposing improvements.

This strategic approach ensures a seamless journey from insights to effective solutions tailored exclusively for your tech company's success.

Initial assessment

Meet our expert

Our team comprises professionals in various people management consulting fields. All specialists have years of experience. With practical advice and real-world examples, they drive operational improvements and success across organizations of all sizes.

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Embracing transparency with

Mad Devs is a remote-first company, and we prioritize open communication and transparency among our team members. Over the years, we developed practices to help us all stay aligned and updated on work processes, ensuring productive collaborations.

To embody transparency values in our team and collaborations, we developed, a tool that provides real-time information about your dev team’s recent project activity based on daily stand-ups and labor costs, and worklog reports.

This data helps us track progress better, distribute the workload, and provide complete information about each stage of your project development.

Embracing transparency with