We offer an extended outsourcing model that allows you to get a dedicated remote team of professionals with an option to transfer for your company while we take care of recruiting, onboarding, and HR assistance.

Explore Build-Operate-Transfer service

The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model allows you to outsource hiring, project onboarding, professional growth and motivation, payroll, and HR support to us.

For setting up the necessary technology, facilities, and resources to establish a functioning outsourced operation.

This component includes:

  • Build Project requirements analysis. 
  • Build Search and hire an employee for a specific role and salary level.
  • Build Onboarding into the company and the project.

In-depth approach
to issue resolutions

We work with companies of various sizes. However, there are universal problems that any business may encounter at different stages. BOT can address the following requests for you:


Long hiring process and a lack of interview expertise

We offer a streamlined hiring process and expert interview assistance to save you time and resources to deliver the right employee for the project.


Challenges of building distributed teams/processes

Our 10+ years of experience and industry knowledge will allow you to build reliable, transparent processes in remote teams, set up asynchronous communication, and implement automation to increase productivity and efficiency.


Lack of resources to enter new markets or implement new technologies

We have the expertise to assist you in choosing the right employee/tools, considering the distinct demands and attributes of emerging markets like cybersecurity, AI, and other markets.


Risk of hiring an employee who doesn’t meet project requirements

With our BOT service, you can rest assured that employee competence is thoroughly vetted before hiring, significantly reducing the risk of expensive turnover and potential disruptions to your operations.

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Tight deadlines in the project

When your teams are working at their limits, it can be challenging to find additional resources to ensure timely project completion. We can assist you in finding experts who will help complete the tasks within the given deadlines.

What forms the BOT pricing?

Our dynamic Build-Operate-Transfer pricing model is based on the level of our involvement, timelines, and the hiring country, taking into account varying tax regulations. Additionally, we prioritize flexibility to ensure a strictly personalized approach for our clients.

HR service

HR service

Grading, probation planning, motivation counseling, community building, and participation in events. 



Processing and accounting of employees' salaries, including salary calculation and payment, tax, and social contribution accounting.

Risk management

Risk management

Analysis and management of risks related to the company's business processes and operations.



Search in the chosen country, multiple interviews conducting, outlining career opportunities, and onboarding process setup.

Access to internal expertise

Access to internal expertise

The ability to exchange knowledge and experience with other specialists and experts within the company.

Workplace allocation

Workplace allocation

Optional provision of a workplace in two offices of our company with all infrastructure and facilities.

Process training

Process training

Provide training and support to employees in working with the company's internal processes.

Corporate events

Corporate events

Organization and management of corporate events and activities.

Replacement Request

Replacement Request

Opportunity to replace a specialist if unwilling or unable to continue working with them. 

Forgo direct hiring

Forgo direct hiring

An employee can be transferred to a customer's company for its management and payroll.

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Our NDAs and confidentiality requirements prevent us from disclosing details to all of our customers. Here are a few of the companies we work with.

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"Mad Devs provide outstanding support and development services across our multimedia and IT platforms, systems, and languages. Mad Devs are a highly-valued part of our wider operations."

"We would never had a better deal on the labour market on our own. Buying from Mad Devs was our best way of finding a top-notch DevOps engineer."

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Transfer to your payroll

In case of successful cooperation with the employee, we offer a transfer to your company. The terms of the transfer are negotiated on an individual case basis but overall include two options:

Transfer with no management

Full transition of an employee from Mad Devs followed by his/her seamless integration to your company. We set up the onboarding and offboarding process.


Transfer with management retention

With employee transfer to your payroll, he/she preserves involvement in the Mad Devs professional community, access to the knowledge base, company expertise, internal chats, etc.


Adapt staffing to your demands

If you have tasks that you don't need a full-time specialist for, hire an hourly employee. You can choose from the following service areas:

We also provide other delivery models that may fit your needs.

Meet our expert team

Our team of experts will use their knowledge and skills to assist you in the early stages, making sure that we collect and analyze all the essential information required for your success.

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Embrace transparency in BOT with

One of the risk factors when working with service companies that provide outsourcing, outstaffing, and consulting services is a lack of transparency in processes. is a project management tool that allows real-time tracking of team performance. On the platform, the customer can access standups, worklogs, commits, and other artifacts of task completion, providing radical transparency and enabling a complete view of project progress and team members.

Embracing transparency with

Case studies


How Developer Seniority Level Matters to Software Development Cost

3. How Developer Seniority Level Matters to Software Development Cost

In this article, Mad Devs Customer University addresses the main factor in the cost of software development: the software developer seniority level. The hourly rate of a top-level developer can be dramatically different from (sometimes even a few times higher than) the rate of an entry-level one. Here, we want to help you figure out what these levels are and how they affect the price.Picture it: you have a project in mind, but you have no idea what software developer qualifications are required for it. Some IT contractors offer you Senior developers (so the rate and the price immediately soar), and others suggest that Mid-level developers or Juniors will do just fine. How do you know what’s right? Your best interest is to make sure that the team working with you does not have underqualified or overqualified professionals in it. If they are overqualified, you’ll end up paying more than necessary. If they are underqualified, the development will take longer than it could, and you’ll end up, again, overpaying.The problem, however, is that the qualifications you’re interested in are not easily defined. The widespread hierarchy goes: Junior, Middle, Senior, Team Lead. But there are no universal criteria in the industry for who falls into which category. Each IT company has its own understanding of what knowledge, skills, competencies, and experience a developer must obtain to climb up this ladder.Therefore, we will look at the question of qualification from two angles. On the client side, when he/she needs a certain level of expertise. And from the developers' side, how the career ladder of Software engineer levels looks like.Let’s start with first part.

Top countries to outsource software development

4. Top Countries to Outsource Software Development

Mad Devs Customer University continues its series of publications about pricing strategies to help customers in the IT industry maximize benefits in their work with contractors. Here, we will address the issue that many customers are implicitly or explicitly concerned about: does it matter where your team of developers is from? If so, how will geography affect your work with the team? What regions to choose from?First, it’s important to stress that geography matters, but it’s not the number-one factor. We want to take it off the table right away: you can find the right team for your project or organization anywhere on the globe. Modern communication technologies have made it possible to reach talents anywhere. Companies are shifting away from the traditional rule book when it comes to hiring and managing development teams, as the rise of remote work has forced many to rethink their approach. Working with a remote team can be very easy, as more data protection and distance work software have emerged.However, in some regions, you may be more likely to find a team that fits you in terms of approaches and culture. Things to consider include:And one of the main points - don’t overestimate the importance of your team’s location. Let’s elaborate on this.Assumption: countries with higher dollar purchasing power charge lower prices. In fact, it’s not always the case. Skills and experience are more important, and a high-rate developer from a developing country can cost as much as a high-rate developer from a developed country.Why doesn’t the developers’ location play a major role in influencing the cost of the software? Is it fair to pay a developer from San Francisco the same amount as a developer from Vietnam?They can deliver the same quality of work, so everything’s fair.Naturally, the towering leader in terms of senior developers’ average salaries is the United States, but it in no way suggests that the work of developers from elsewhere will be necessarily cheaper or of poorer quality.Too many factors shape average salary: taxes, cost of living, and income level, to name a few.Conclusion: check the skills and experience ahead of the actual location or the legal address. (And if you still want to narrow down your search to the region, jump right into the middle of the article.)

Red Flags in Custom Software Development.

7. Top Common Pitfalls of Outsourcing Software Development

In the early days of the software industry, developers were working alone on their products for years. And one day, their products have taken over the market and made their creators rich and famous. Of course, this was deserved. But it is worth noting that this was not because their products were the best, but rather because they were unique at the time. However, the software industry was rapidly changing, becoming more extensive and complex. The competition was growing, and the struggle for users' attention becoming much fiercer. So the market became filled with better and better products and services. And we got more and more used to the constantly increasing quality and amount of them. Now we're not willing to compromise at all, knowing that we can always find something better. This is all possible because more professionals from different fields, not only technical, are getting involved in development. Now any competitive product is the combined work of developers, designers, analysts, marketers, and managers. This is just a short list of specialists who have found a new home in the software industry. For example, when Steve Jobs was creating the Macintosh, he even invited zoologists who understand the anatomy to help him find the best proportions for the future device that fit perfectly. But the more specialists are involved in software development, the more processes it includes, and the more difficult it is to manage them. And each process must be treated with special attention. Because each of them can be the main factor of success and failure of the future product, you need to know the pitfalls of software development in general, and particularly the main pitfalls of project management.At Mad Devs, for example, we pay individual attention to each process in development. From specifying goals and the most suitable means to achieve them to using the best design, development, testing, and support practices. And this careful attention makes our customers want to contact us again and again. After all, they can always trust transparency, flexibility, stability of development, and the high quality of the final product. You can see this by looking at any of our cases.