Maria Zaichenko


Head of Marketing Department, Mad Devs

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Maria Zaichenko

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Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Maria Zaichenko is an experienced professional with a diverse background in the tech field. Over the course of her 7-year career, she has gained valuable experience in marketing, project management, internal communications and corporate culture.

Maria has honed her skills through professional education, contextual and target marketing training, and media literacy courses. She excels in leveraging this expertise to assist in working with texts, various media resources, and promotion methods.

Notably, Maria has a knack for building hybrid teams that bring together engineers, designers, and copywriters, creating synergistic collaborations. 

Beyond her primary marketing role, Maria actively contributes to the tech community. She is member of Google Developers Group and co-organizer for events like Google I/O and Google DevFest in Central Asia. She organizes large technical conferences such as PyCon and JavaScript Central Asia, providing platforms for professionals to share knowledge and network with like-minded individuals. Furthermore, Maria believes in the power of contributing to professional communities to drive growth and development and serves as a mentor in the Technovation project.

With her extensive experience, specialized skills, and active involvement in professional communities, Maria Zaichenko is well-equipped to offer expertise in process improvement, team building, internal positive climate development, and effective marketing strategies.


Bishkek Humanities University n.a. K. Karasaev
Bachelor's degree in Journalism

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